Created by Veterans

Building computers for gamers

Know The Company

PigeonCorp was founded to uphold principles that many companies do not. Above all else honesty, financial transparency, and environmental responsibility define us at our core.

Where Does Your Money Go?

When you choose to use PigeonCorp services, you want to know where your hard earned money goes. The answer to this: a large percentage of our profits are donated to scholarship funds and charities in support of military veterans and children.

Why Should You Trust Us?

All of our employees are personally vetted, thoroughly background checked, and highly skilled in their career fields. Our company has a zero-tolerance policy for dishonesty. When hiring employees, we ask ourselves one simple question: would we allow this person in our home around our family?

What Does Environmental Responsibility Mean To Us?

With heavy integration of modern technology, we have managed to have a nearly carbon neutral company. We do not have a physical office or a headquarters building, instead we utilize existing infrastructure around the country and leverage cloud based services to minimize our environmental impact.