The Clydesdale

Production, Rendering, Animation

These are simple tasks for this mighty build

The Clydesdale

When you look for a workstation, you tend to look for something that will help push you past the finish line. Whether it is 3D rendering, game design, or running complex algorithms. The Clydesdale is going to provide you with all the tools you need to complete your tasks reliably.

A strong build with the goal to deliver and run smoothly is what gave the Clydesdale workstation its name. 

The customization options this workstation has exist to meet the requirements of a variety of industries. For any questions for more specific requirements, contact us via our chat for more information.  


This custom PC is assembled using PigeonCorp’s expert processes using only the highest grade components.

Use our custom PC builder to make this into the workstation of your dreams!

Our special watercooling system allows you to push this build to its limits without any issues. We specialize in reliably pushing these computers to their maximum potential. We understand the importance of a workstation and how it shall deliver. Why not see for yourself?

Premium Parts

When a build is designed by our team, we consider every fine detail. This includes how each part is manufactured. We will not stake our reputation on parts that are built simply to be cheap and barely functional. We design and test the builds in house with only the best parts to ensure that you get nothing short of the best from us.

Hand Built
By Experts

Every PigeonCorp build technician must go through over well over 100 hours of specialized training to learn how to build to our standards. While many people can “build” a computer, only a select few have what it takes to be a PigeonCorp Artisian Builder.


Apprehensive about budget? We offer gaming computer financing through Affirm to help make sure you can get the custom gaming computer of your dreams without breaking the bank!