The Caracal

Tenacious Gaming

With Speed & Style

The Caracal

When we think about all the varieties of felines that exist, we often tend to overlook the stunning Caracal, who shares many of the great aspects of its larger brothers, but also maintaining a uniquely elegant and still ferocious look. 

The Caracal is the type of computer that should feel like owning a sports car. Not only does it come with top of the line interior, but the exterior is built to impress and represent you. The speed, quality, as well as performance this computer can manage are what will make you wont to own the Caracal. 


This custom PC is assembled using PigeonCorp’s expert processes using only the highest grade components.

Our open air chassis build combinations always keep longevity as well as power in mind. When selecting what components we make available for these types of builds, we make sure that your satisfaction will last. 

Using our special custom cooling, we are able to support an insane level of overclocking to allow for max FPS, while maintaining the components as cool as possible, thus enabling a larger lifespan for our products. Any special design choices or requests are gladly taken into consideration through our chat.

Premium Parts

When a build is designed by our team, we consider every fine detail. This includes how each part is manufactured. We will not stake our reputation on parts that are built simply to be cheap and barely functional. We design and test the builds in house with only the best parts to ensure that you get nothing short of the best from us.

Hand Built
By Experts

Every PigeonCorp build technician must go through over well over 100 hours of specialized training to learn how to build to our standards. While many people can “build” a computer, only a select few have what it takes to be a PigeonCorp Artisian Builder.


Apprehensive about budget? We offer gaming computer financing through Affirm to help make sure you can get the custom gaming computer of your dreams without breaking the bank!