What customers think?

How are we really?

Cory. R

June 2019 Verified Mosasaur Owner

I was expecting the box to be thrashed when it got here, but it arrived okay.  It is running like a champ.  Couldn’t be more excited.  Every day I walk in, I get excited just to look at it.  More like art at this point.  I am borderline obsessed with it, the PigeonCorp team killed it and it shows how much work and care went in.  Even my buddy who knows nothing about computers and games are impressed by it.

Shane. S

September 2018 Verified Protostega Owner

Best customer service I have ever encountered. There was no wait both times I called. I was not rushed off the phone and all my problems were solved. 

Toothbaste (Parisian Pigeon)

June 2018 Verified Honeybadger Owner

I first heard about PigeonCorp through one of my friends in Parisian Pigeon who had gotten a computer from them.  Parisian Pigeon had moved away from our previous games, like GTA V, in favor of more graphically intense games like Star Citizen, but the laptop that I had couldn’t run them.  I was benched.  I wanted to be a part of the team, so I took a look.  PigeonCorp had an arrangement with Parisian Pigeon for a member’s discount, which knocked a bit off the price, but it was still more expensive than what I wanted to spend, so we looked at financing options, found one that I could work with, and we sealed the deal.  The night my computer arrived, I finally was able to see how beautiful some of the games I’ve been playing really were.   

Momo (Parisian Pigeon)

January 2018 Verified Cassowary Owner

I approached PigeonCorp on a gaming computer in January of 2018.  I was moving away from consoles and wanted something that could play my favorite games with ease while still making them look beautiful.  I talked with their team about what would be right for my budget and my needs, and they helped me pick the best computer for my needs.  When the box arrived, it was like Christmas.  The box was a bit plain, but they said it was to prevent theft or something.  The computer was snug as a bug in the box with all of the components that I needed plus a user manual that walked me step by step on what I needed to do to get my computer running and keep it in the best shape!  I plugged it in, flipped a switch and turned it on and it was perfect!  They put a cool background on it and even installed my games for me!  If I could give them 10 stars, I would!   

[UPDATE] 2020 

I have had this computer for two and a half years now and I have yet to find a game where I cannot run it at the highest graphics settings. 

TurtleDove (Parisian Pigeon)

October 2017 Verified Peacock Owner

I spoke to PigeonCorp as a joke at first since our gaming group has a similar name.  They were very kind and respectful.  I needed a serious gaming PC that was beyond my abilities to build myself.  I ended up being the test bed for their upcoming Peacock model.  They created custom game specific overclocking profiles for my cpu and gpu.  Since I was local to them they sent technicians to my home to build my entire sim pit for me.  I have to say, their entire team was amazing.

Ethan. G

April 2017 Verified Honeybadger Owner

The PC arrived in solid and safe but really bland packaging with instructions on how to set it up. I had a friend help me get everything set up. So far everything is running amazingly and I am very satisfied with this PC.