The Cassowary Custom Gaming PC


You may be asking yourself, ”Hey self, why would I buy a computer named after a modern day Velociraptor…?” Well Mr. Self, that’s because this modern day PC is just as crazy as its namesake. This custom gaming PC can what is needed when it is needed (except fly). These custom built computers are designed and assembled to bring the Jurassic Era to your desk with the latest and greatest in graphics cards, Intel Processor, Corsair Memory (better than a dinosaur at least), and RGB that’ll put Elton John’s style to shame.

This custom PC is assembled using PigeonCorp’s expert processes using only the highest grade components.  Use our custom PC builder to make this into the custom PC of your dreams!  Options like custom water cooling systems will allow you to push your overclocks even higher to get the highest possible FPS, without melting your dream machine.  To take it a step further, use our PigeonCorp Custom design service to have a one on one with your custom gaming PC builder to add your input into the design of your custom built PC.

Concerned about making the leap into water cooling?  Rest assured that we use only the best PC water cooling parts to ensure your water cooled gaming PC remains leak free for life!  We pressure and leak check every cooling system to make sure you never have issues with your custom computer.  We even include warranties with every custom built gaming PC which means that we stand behind our build quality.  Your custom computer builder will follow up with you over time to ensure that your custom desktop holds up over time.

Apprehensive about budget?  We offer gaming computer financing through Affirm to help make sure you can get the custom gaming computer of your dreams without breaking the bank!

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 14 × 29 in


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