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All gaming PC’s have been thoroughly tested to ensure the highest standards of performance.  For the ultimate, unmatched performance machine, PigeonCorp Custom Gaming Desktops have no equal.

Expertly Designed by Gaming Nerds so You Don't Need to Worry.

Every piece of hardware and software put into these builds have graced the slender, Cheetos dust covered digits of a well versed Custom PC Gamer hell bent on giving you the greatest experience possible.

Each PC builder spends hours of their dedicated World of Warcraft time ensuring your custom built gaming PC will give you hours of enjoyment.

Each graphics card, CPU, liquid cooling system, and other components are inspected down to the smallest detail to ensure the quality of each piece of hardware is held to as high a standard as possible.

Build a custom gaming PC with this veteran owned business and you won’t be disappointed.

Why We, As PC Gamers, Do What We Do.

Everyone has that longing desire to do something, like joining the military and protecting our country to dressing up as their favorite anime character and going to Conventions. Well, we love PC gaming so much we wanted to share it with everyone else, but at a lower cost with the best parts so everyone else can share in the joys of the PC master race. From custom water cooling to the latest and greatest CPU GPU components, we will should not and will not ever cut corners when it comes the quality of our products. Each desktop computer we ship throughout the United States goes through a strict testing phase to ensure only the highest quality custom gaming PC for every consumer.

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