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The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Every piece of hardware and software put into these builds have graced the slender, Cheetos dust covered digits of a well versed Custom PC Gamer hell bent on giving you the greatest experience possible.

What does this gaming PC and a honey badger have in common? A lot of power in a little body. Just like the real-life honey badger, this tower is custom built to handle anything thrown in its direction. The Honey Badger has the power to take on the most intense games available, while remaining cool and compact.
This beastly mid-sized custom PC lives up to the violent nature of its namesake.  Much like the real Cassowary, this custom gaming PC fears nothing and will attack anything put in front of it with terrifying tenacity.  When equipped with custom water cooling using our PC builder, the Cassowary has no equal.
This behemoth custom PC is every bit as menacing as its prehistoric namesake.  The Mosasaur, while massive, is among the fastest gaming computers ever to grace this world. This custom gaming PC instills terror in all its competitors and devours them on sight. Given its aquatic nature, if equipped with custom water cooling, no opponent will survive an encounter with this monster.
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