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New developments are taking place at our work site. Our team is setting up to be able to better handle and process orders. With this new set up we will be able to handle new personal customization options for our machines to give our customers a unique experience that no other custom computer organization can offer. We are putting together a selection of different paints and finishes to make your computer one of a kind. Paired with the array of color-changing LEDs that we provide, your custom pc will make jaws drop.

If you are in the market for a high-end gaming pc, check us out before you decide. Part for part, you will not find a cheaper option. The parts we use are ones meant for handling intense graphics and are made here in the USA. We’ll stress test everything to ensure that your new machine is capable of handling anything and everything you put it through. Worried about porch pirates? Don’t be! We will ship it to you in discreet packaging to not draw attention to your purchase.

Do you have an old tower sitting at home running slower than a sideways turtle? It might be time for an upgrade. We put the same level of integrity and attention to detail in our home builds as we do our excentric ones. While they may not be a flashy as some of our other products, they will be more than enough to help you get your work done and more. Who said that simplicity is necessarily a bad thing? While it may not light up like a Christmas Tree, it will undoubtedly be a computer you will be proud to own.

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