“We’ve got components for days.”

“Components for days?”

“Components for days!”

While it is true that we are very picky about the quality of what we put into our computers, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a large selection of parts to choose from. Most of you know by now that we are all about providing our customers with only the best when it comes to their custom computers. When we say this, we aren’t talking about picking the most expensive “one size fits all” part to install in every build. When we say this, we are talking about providing our customers with an expansive, carefully researched list of computer components that look the best, work the hardest, and last the longest. This is why we are here.

Everyone is different so your computer should reflect this. Whether a pc engineered towards gaming or a computer for your home and office, you know what you need. We can help you pick the right pieces to the puzzle to get a clear picture of the task ahead. Soon you will have a custom pc that fits you just like a tailored suit. I can assure you that there are few things in this world that feel better than having something one of a kind and made with you in mind. The only thing that makes it better is that you won’t have to pay a fortune to realize this possibility.

Today is annually observed as “National Video Games Day”, so what more of an excuse do you need? If you have been looking for a reason to get yourself a high-end gaming pc, now is the time. Start your journey today and avoid any later regret. The decision is yours.


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