New Decade

Christmas time is finishing up and we are traversing into a new decade. While the season for gift giving may be a while year away, that doesn’t meant you aren’t able to treat yourself. If you’re planning on starting your own buisnes, gaming channel, or you’re just looking to swap out that antique you have sitting at your desk, we are here to help. We use only trusted names in our computers that come from the good old U.S.A. The quality of our components are unmatched, giving your build the ability to handle anything.

If gaming is your forte, we have a series of fierce and elegant PCs that do more than just look the part. Each one is unique and has more edge than that one deeply brooding anime side character that everybody likes. You know the one. Literally all of them. Better yet, you know how you enjoy a specific character in a fighting game, but you don’t like their outfit? So you quickly swap over to the alternate color scheme you like before someone else snags it. In our customization options, you have to ability to choose the colors of the case and lights. It’s just like designing your own character for an RPG, just with a lot less cringe.

Stepping away from all of that, let’s assume a gaming computer is not for you. You just want a simple pc that is affordable and will help you get that college thesis done in an energy drink fueled all nighter to finish that term paper you forgot about. Our computer are built to optimize efficiency. They’ll boot up fast, last long, and won’t crash and lose all of your progress. Having a computer you can trust helps a lot by putting your mind at ease and allows you to focus on the task at hand.

You may be saying to yourself “I’ve finished with my schooling already. Why do I care”? We should all have a sturdy computer at home. It have become almost essential to have one in today’s world. And if you are starting your own business, this is even more true. You could go and buy any generic computer for your employees but who knows all that is hidden in there. With our builds you can rest assured that we won’t hide any background programs that will leach on your personal data. All of our machines, be it gaming or office, you can trust that we will do our part to keep you and your info safe.

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