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The Honeybadger

The Honeybadger is a ferocious wild animal that will not hesitate to fight anything, regardless of size.  This creature has the power to compete far above its weight class and come home with the gold.  These custom built computers are smaller than its relatives but will give them a run for their money without making you rearrange the room.  

The Cassowary

You may be asking yourself, ”Hey self, why would I buy a computer named after a modern day Velociraptor…?” Well Mr. Self, that’s because this modern day PC is just as crazy as its namesake.  These custom computers are designed and built to bring the Jurassic Era to your desk with the latest and greatest components available!

The Mosasaur

How do you introduce one of the most intense prehistoric monsters and then tie it into an amazing custom built computer? This build has all of the intensity and power as it’s namesake without the whole extinction thing.  If you include a liquid cooling system in your build, it will not hesitate to sink its teeth into the competition.

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