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Whether it’s one of our Expert Designed Gaming PCs or one of your own custom creation, we pride ourselves on the quality of our product. Our kit (that’s what a group of pigeons is called) put the utmost care into assembling your build. These computer savvy nerds ensure that every cable, screw, and any other component your beast of a machine has, are hardwired to the correct port, screw hole, and slot it was designed for.

Education & Information


Honey Badger

Where biting off more than you can chew doesn’t exist.

essence 1

What does this Gaming PC and a honey badger have in common? A lot of power in a little body. Just like a real life honey badger, this tower is custom built to handle anything thrown in its direction. Like a real HB (that’s short for Honey Badger…) this thing has the power to take on even the most memory consuming, computer processing, graphics imaging (does that make sense? Sure it does!!!) mouse clicking games available!!! 


Just because it’s flightless, doesn’t mean it won’t soar above the rest…

conquer 1

You may be asking yourself, ” Hey self, why would I buy a computer named after a modern day Velociraptor…?” Well Mr. Self, that’s because this modern day Gaming PC is just as crazy as a it’s namesake. This PC has the ability to do what is needed when it is needed (except fly). This thing is prefabricated to bring the Jurassic Era to your desk with the latest and greatest in GPU, Processor, Memory (better than a dinosaur at least), and RGB that’ll put Elton John’s style to shame.


Because a megaladon just wasn’t bad*** enough to earn the title

Antec Torque 2

How do you introduce one of the most intense prehistoric monsters and then tie it into a Gaming PC just as good? Just reread the first sentence. This build has all of the intensity and power as it’s namesake without the whole extinction thing. Built with the most up to date components and all the love you’d expect from a pigeon (it’s actually more than you would imagine… like a dog whose owner just got home from work) 


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, well… We put it in a box

Thermaltake Tower 900 White 1

When I think peacock, my number one thought is flashy butt feathers and having the best of the best to get the girl and that’s what this Gaming PC is all about (warning: girl not included). We have taken the best of the best and put it into a gaming PC designed to make friends jealous and increase the possibility that your girl (or guy, we don’t judge here) might be going to bed alone most nights. Come on and let those butt feathers free!!!

Build Your Own

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, Leonardo Di Vinci

Thermaltake Level 20 VT RGB-2

Not to say that simplicity is better than something complex, but I’d take a peanut butter and jelly over a fast food burger any day. Not just because of the price difference, but because I also get the delicious satisfaction of enjoying something I made and that’s what this is all about. Here you can take what ever you want and throw it into your Gaming PC. With an extensive and well researched list of GPU’s, processors, towers, motherboards, etc. Let’s just say you can make one hell of a P.B. and J.


PigeonCorp is Veteran Owned and Operated. That’s not to say we want your business just because you have an undying patriotism to our country or because you think we are war heroes of any sort. Simply put, we want your business because we feel we can offer you the best services for the best price and to show that veterans are capable of more than liberating, protecting, and eliminating threats toward Americans (like terrorism or over priced PC’s) and our way of life.

“We love what we do, the passion distilled in every custom gaming computer is our commitment in crafting the worlds most advanced Gaming PCs.”

Upon seeing thine actions caused by thy own illogical fallacies and brought on by a chaotic storming of neurons in thy brain, I realize that I doth must ask mine self, but why though...

Julien Lewis
CEO and Founder

"I’d just like to thank my team for working so hard to make PigeonCorp what it is.  If it weren’t for their tireless efforts and determination, PigeonCorp would never have taken off in the way that it has.  It’s really been amazing being part of a team this focused, it’s a one-in-a-million dream team that we have here."

Kelsey Lewis
IT Systems Administrator

"It is very rare that you come across a group of dedicated individuals like my coworkers. Each one of them has put in countless hours in order to provide our customers with only the best quality."

Brandon Adler
Media Manager

If it ain't linux, I don't want it

C.J. Ziejewski
IT Systems Analyst

Yeet isn't just a word to us, its a way of life. We yeet to the max and baste every day.

Parisian Pigeon
Officially Sponsored for eternity by PigeonCorp
Every Gosh Darn Day

"I believe the smartest thing a person can do is bring attention to a crappy situation, the bravest thing is to do something to fix it."

Morgan Pennington
IT Systems Manager


Build Quality

There are only a few things more important to us than naming our computers after some pretty off the wall creatures and build quality is one of them ( it actually is number one, btw). We take our time with every order, whether you custom built it or just picked up one from our local zoo. We take our time to ensure every cable, component, and screw is assembled the best way possible.


You can count on us like a football player counts on his jockstrap. Whether it’s something to do with the quality of your build or you’d just like a friendly person to talk to, we have support enthusiasts with expert knowledge ready to answer your questions and get you back into game. Honesty is our top priority when it comes to assisting new and returning customers.


When it comes to performance, we don’t Frankenstein our builds. We use the best parts for the fastest processing (probably the only thing that could beat Usain Bolt in the 100m dash), the best frame rates (we ain’t talking picture prices), and the best overall gaming experience (bring it on Bob Barker).


Due Diligence

I’m not saying we’re like those dads who “test the toys before Christmas morning,” but we do do our best to ensure that every part of your build functions to the best of its abilities before we pack it up and slap a stamp or six on it.